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Before I started training with Devon; I was overweight, shy and extremely self conscious of my body. I suffer from a form of bi-polar disorder so have a constant battle with my mental health. Devon was easily the perfect trainer for me. She was kind, patient and understanding, and she supported me through my hard days. She was accommodating around my work schedule, and she pushed me - even when I wanted to give up. I trained with Devon for 8 weeks; I lost my excess weight, but gained so much confidence and best of all improved my overall fitness and lifestyle. I can’t thank her enough for everything she has taught me. She was a joy to work with, a positive energy to be around and helped me build a healthier life.


I was training with Devon twice per week in the gym; first I was using it as an escape from my problems but it soon became something I enjoyed. I worked with Devon for 4 months; every session she pushed me to work that little bit harder to achieve great results. Honestly can say that I couldn't have asked for a better coach - I would have been lost without her. I got a lot stronger, became a lot healthier and more motivated. My attitude to life became more positive and I also gained a friend. I will miss training with her, and just want to say a huge 'Thank You!'.


When I trained with Devon she was nothing short of amazing. From helping me with my nutrition, eliminating bad habits and just providing me with extra support with my workouts; she was always there for me. She is an amazing person to be around and always goes that extra mile for her clients.


I started my weight loss journey just before I started training with Devon. I trained with her 3 times per week and stuck to the diet plan she provided me with. Some days I really struggled and lacked motivation, but she was always there to pick me up and push through.
I lost 20kg in 18 months in a healthy and sustainable way. Devon helped me change my life for the better, to become a happier and healthier person. She is such a caring coach and became an amazing friend. She consistently supported me outside the gym - she even helped me with my English as it is my second language, and took time to show me around Liverpool and help me make it my home. I couldn't reccomend working with her enough.


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